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Guidance and return to school

Who is it for?

People between 16 and 35 years old living in Greenfield Park, LeMoyne or Saint-Lambert, who are unemployed, have a temporary or part-time job, or are students. They are questioning their professional career, want to find their path or reorient themselves, want to validate a career choice or do a skills evaluation.


Help you identify or validate a career goal that best suits you while taking into consideration the realities of your life.


During the guidance process, we explore your acquired professional and personal skills, as well as your interests, values, personality traits, employment needs and motivations, in order to establish a career plan and, if applicable, a training plan.

The process lasts a maximum of 8 to 12 weeks, with one session per week, depending on the case. The counsellors use counselling, reflective activities and psychometric tests to support you on your path. There is a self-exploration dimension followed by an exploration of the academic and professional market.

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What are we often asked?

Will the guidance counselor tell me what career is for me?

Unfortunately, a guidance counsellor does not have a magic wand. His or her role is to support you in your personal exploration and to guide you to available information on professions, so that you can make the choice that is best for you on your own. This will require time on your part and active participation.

Does the guidance counsellor just perform psychometric tests?

The guidance counsellor uses psychometric tests to gather different kinds of information, such as a person’s aptitudes or interests.


However, they also use their expertise to make participants aware of their potential employment needs, as well as to provide them with paths of exploration thanks to their knowledge of the labour market and training program possibilities.

If I take a psychometric test, will they tell me what to do?

Psychometric tests can be very useful for professional exploration and self-knowledge in the workplace. For example, they can be used to help people put into words their interests and values that they could not otherwise describe.


That said, this type of tool cannot measure the emotions involved or predict the future. Therefore, it cannot answer all questions.

Am I too old to reorient myself?

Career guidance is ageless! Our needs, our personal and professional reality, as well as our self-knowledge are constantly evolving throughout our lives. It is possible that a career choice that was the right one 5 years ago no longer suits you today, and this is perfectly normal.


Contrary to popular belief, guidance is not just for high school students. It can be done throughout our career path, right up to retirement.