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Personal finance: I’m in charge

Who is it for?

Personal Finance: I’m in Charge sessions are offered mainly in community organizations, schools or institutions in Longueuil, and there is no age limit to attend. You don’t have to be part of a group to ask us to attend a session either!


By participating in the Personal Finance: I’m in Charge program, you will develop the ability to make informed, responsible and valuable consumer choices for yourself while taking into consideration the different options available.

Through the sessions, you can also:

  • Break the taboos surrounding money;
  • Reduce the effect of pressure from the consumer society;
  • Counter the misconceptions related to financial problems;
  • Learn how to make your own budget;
  • Develop practices to keep you out of debt;
  • Discover tips to manage your money better;
  • Planning for important purchases or projects for you;
  • Learn more about savings and credit;
  • Etc.


Once you sign up for Personal Finance: I’m in Charge, you can do so for specific sessions or for all the sessions, since they are completely independent of each other. Depending on the institution where the sessions are held, there may be specific programming in English or in French, and they may be offered in both virtual and in-person modes. All sessions are offered free of charge and the topics covered are:

  • The essentials
    • Budget: numbers that talk
    • Credit: it’s in my interest to see it
    • Consumer goods: my choices, my influences
    • Buying/saving: how to balance the two
    • Excessive debt: solutions to get out of it
  • Daily life
    • Food: tips and tricks to save money
    • Transportation: on the right road
    • Moving to an apartment: key elements to consider
    • Consumer protection: know your rights
    • Cell phones: making sense of it all
  • Education and work
    • Education: an investment to plan for
    • Employment income: from raw to net
    • The job market: my rights and responsibilities
    • Taxes: a civic duty
  • Financial Services
    • Financial services: accounts, transactions and security
    • Insurance: how to understand it better
    • Investing: it’s more than just making money!

What are we often asked?

Is each session independent?

Yes, a participant can take one or more sessions depending on his/her needs.

Is it just for young people?

Although the training content was initially developed for an audience between the ages of 16 and 25, we have participants of all ages.

Is it given in person or remotely?

It is possible to participate in the sessions in person or remotely. Several sessions have been adapted to the reality of the pandemic.

Does it replace sessions with a financial advisor?

The Personal Finance: I’m in Charge sessions do not replace the advice of a financial advisor. They have been developed to provide an introduction to various topics related to personal finance.