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Job search assistance

Who is it for?

Young people aged between 16 and 35 years old living in LeMoyne, Greenfield Park or Saint-Lambert.


To organize and prepare your job search with a professional. Personalized support allows you to improve your job search and to enter the job market in a way that suits YOUR reality. The counsellor will help you to familiarize yourself with job search techniques that will allow you to acquire specific knowledge and skills related to different aspects of the job search, or to validate some information.


An initial one-on-one session with one of our employment counsellors will allow us to identify your needs and develop an action plan adapted to your situation. This plan can be developed over a single session or over a series of sessions – up to 12 weeks – in which you can:

  • Develop your job search strategy by:
    • Discovering your work profile;
    • Reviewing your experiences;
    • Targeting your employment goal;
    • Organizing your steps;
    • Obtaining academic and professional information (potential employers, occupations in demand, etc.);
    • Discovering the different programs offered by Services Québec and other partners (PAMT, PRIIME, Wage Subsidy, RAC, CNESST, etc.);
    • Meeting with a guidance counsellor;
    • Etc.
  • Receive technical job search assistance and advice to:
    • Write your resume and cover letter;
    • Prepare for a job interview (in person or virtual);
    • Use technological tools to send your application to different employers (send your resume, register on job boards, update your LinkedIn profile, etc.);
    • Find an internship or meet with potential employers;
    • Find and keep a job;
    • Etc.
  • Benefit from even more tools, such as:
    • Access to our computers for your job search;
    • Direct access to job offers in our sector;
    • Referrals to various resources (psychological support, bereavement, substance abuse or other addictions, domestic violence, anxiety, etc.);
    • Etc.

What are we often asked?

Where can I work?

Based on your tastes, interests, skills and conditions you are searching for, we can help you target the type of position that is right for you and potential employers.

Do I need to prepare a cover letter?

It is recommended that you prepare a cover letter, as it is the first contact with the employer that allows you to introduce yourself and demonstrate the qualities necessary to fill the position offered. It is used to invite and convince the employer to examine the CV and propose an interview.

What are the sectors in which there are the most jobs available?

There are currently openings in many fields, including health and social services, construction, information technology, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, security, public service, cleaning, etc. Our team is constantly informed of the professions in demand.

How long will our sessions last?

The sessions last about an hour each. They can be scheduled over several weeks, depending on the needs.

Do you have a bank of employers?

We do not have a bank of direct employers, but we know the job market well, so we collaborate with companies in our sector and we provide you several job offers.