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Who is it for?

For people between the ages of 15 and 29 years old living in the territories of the cities of LeMoyne, Saint-Lambert and Greenfield Park, and who are neither employed nor in school.


Depart@9 is a personalized program that allows you to set a socio-professional goal that reflects your reality and your needs. It promotes integration and retention in the job market, or return and retention in school, depending on what suits you.


We work with you to develop a personalized action plan that respects your rhythm and your limits. The program includes individual sessions and group activities*, such as visits to employers, training centers or schools, internships, and activities that will allow you to explore your interests and skills in order to make an informed choice towards your goal; all this over a six-month period.

We are continuously recruiting and you may also benefit from a financial allowance for your active participation in Depart@9.

Depending on your needs, your action plan could include:

  • Personal:
    • Self-awareness and self-esteem;
    • Referrals to various resources (psychological support, addiction assistance, domestic violence assistance, food assistance, collective kitchens, social and cultural activities, etc.);
    • Support in finding housing;
    • Assistance in getting identity documents;
    • Conflict management;
    • Personal organization;
    • Support in budget management and personal finances.
  • Professional :
    • Resume and cover letter writing;
    • Preparation for an interview;
    • Help in finding potential employers;
    • Support in the planning of your career;
    • Help in finding a volunteer activity or an internship;
    • Academic and professional information;
    • Information on various programs offered by Services Québec and other partners (PAMT, PRIIME, Wage Subsidy, RAC, CNESST, etc.);
    • Consultation with a guidance counsellor;
    • Follow-up for job retention.


*Our group activities are planned to be back for fall 2022.

What are we often asked?

Do I have to come/participate in group activities? What should I do if I can’t be there?

Yes, if you can’t be there, you must give reasons for your absence and notify the staff member as soon as possible.

If I stop participating, can I come back?

Yes, if you don’t feel ready to commit to your participation in the project now, it is always possible to participate again later.

Do you pay for training?

Services Québec offers training programs and other subsidized workforce training programs with eligibility criteria that allow you to access them. We can support you in understanding these programs and in your efforts to return to work.

Do you know any employers who are hiring?

We do not have a bank of employers – like an employment agency – but we do regularly post job offers from local employers who contact us on a regular basis.