You are indeed on the CIJAD-CJE de Laporte website! In fact, we are now called Espace Pivot and our offices have moved to 465 Victoria Avenue, suite 500 in Saint-Lambert! If you have any questions, contact us. contact us.


Young volunteers

Who is it for?

For young people aged 16 to 29 living in Greenfield Park, LeMoyne or Saint-Lambert, who are not full-time students, who do not work more than 20 hours per week and who are able to dedicate 20 hours per week to their project!


By exploring a business project or doing a project with Young Volunteers, you can:

  • Develop your skills, creativity and independence;
  • Gain professional experience;
  • Establish professional contacts;
  • Verify or deepen your interests;
  • Increase your organizational skills;
  • Increase your entrepreneurial skills;
  • Have an enriching experience;
  • Etc.


Young Volunteers allows you to complete an individual or team project (maximum of 7 participants) over a period of 9 to 52 weeks. Emploi-Québec will provide you with an operating budget for your project, some training costs related to the project and, if you are eligible, a personal allowance for the project duration. The counsellors of Espace Pivot (CIJAD-CJE of Laporte) support you, advise you and help you in the development of your project, but also for :

  • Learn to plan a project budget;
  • Set and stick to a timeline;
  • Summarize your ideas;
  • Meet and network with professionals in your field;
  • Learn how to express yourself and present your project in front of a committee;
  • Etc.

What are we often asked?

Can I receive an allowance?

Yes, you can receive a allowance for participating in the project, in addition to having an operating budget that will allow you to cover project-related expenses (training, equipment rental, etc.). Also, depending on your situation, you may be allowed to be refunded for some expenses (transportation, childcare, etc.).

Can you help me find a mentor?

Yes, we can help you find a mentor. We can also advise and support you in the development of your project.

Can you help me prepare for the advisory committee?

Yes, we will help you prepare to submit your project to the advisory committee.

Can you help me with my monthly accounting?

Yes, we will first show you how to prepare a monthly accounting, then we will do the follow-up each month.