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The Humans behind Espace Pivot – Claire

The Humans behind Espace Pivot – Claire

Since behind every human lies a unique potential, Espace Pivot presents a series of portraits of the unique humans that make up the organization. Today we present Claire Cerceau.

Since behind every human lies a unique potential, Espace Pivot presents a series of portraits of the unique humans that make up the organization. Today we present Claire Cerceau.

“On November 7, I’ll have been working for our organization for one year as a Project Manager. My role is to contribute to the personal and professional development of young people in our community by creating project opportunities. I joined the team as an intern, which enabled me to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Action at UQAM. After my studies, I was full of enthusiasm at the idea of applying the knowledge I’d acquired over the past few years!

Entering the job market quickly gave me new responsibilities and the opportunity to acquire skills that school could never have taught me. I quickly had to develop strategies to manage my stress, especially during the more intense periods when I had to juggle several projects simultaneously. I also learned how to work as part of a team, both in terms of communication and on a personal level. The importance of communicating well and approaching others with openness are essential to the successful completion of even the most ambitious projects. As the linchpin of communication between the schools and organizations in our territories, I’ve inevitably had to adapt to the realities and needs of each. I think this is where my versatility comes into its own. Sometimes I feel like I have to divide myself into a thousand pieces in my work, but this reality of the role of project manager is also a unique experience. Knowing how to be everywhere at the same time, while establishing human connections with every person I meet, is certainly a formative experience.

If I were asked what my best memory at Espace Pivot is, I’d be hard pressed to pick one in particular, as there’s always so much going on in the office every week. However, I can say that all my memories are mainly marked by the well-being of the team. The moments of achievement, pride, challenge, sharing and so on all have something in common: love, caring and joy. We all work closely with people, and each individual we meet receives a small part of ourselves to help them realize their full potential. We love to see their beautiful evolution in life!

I’m a very active person who loves going to the gym and pushing myself. Setting clear goals and achieving them are a source of satisfaction in my life. When I’m in rest mode, I like to cook and watch TV series. However, beyond routine, I’m genuinely fascinated by people; discovering each other’s stories, exploring the world and broadening my horizons are passions close to my heart! What makes me happy is spending time with my loved ones, meeting new people, sharing memories and anecdotes, and above all… laughing! As a French expatriate, I’ve not only developed a deep attachment to Quebec, but I’ve also come to realize that, regardless of origin, the history of each individual enriches us all. I’ll never tire of the happiness that human contact brings me!

I like to call myself an adventurer! I left France to discover a new culture, meet new people and immerse myself in an unknown place. Within the Espace Pivot team, I’d probably be described as extremely dynamic, always smiling and fun-loving…maybe even a little nutty! Beyond that, I’m above all a very sensitive person who lives her emotions to the fullest. I love listening to people, laughing with everyone and making them smile, but I’m also easily touched, moved or affected by situations, both personal and for others. Although I don’t like to admit it to myself, I think it’s this sensitivity that enables me to adapt to a multitude of situations and integrate easily into new environments. As far as I’m concerned, we only have one life: we have to make the most of it and never put obstacles in the way of our personal projects!

Loneliness and isolation, especially when they affect the most vulnerable people in our society, are topics that affect me deeply in life. Whether we’re talking about people experiencing homelessness, whether visible or not, our elderly without family, asylum seekers who have had to leave everything behind, or any other person living a difficult reality and feeling alone and isolated, loneliness remains a subject that moves me more than others. In my eyes, it’s one of the greatest injustices, and everyone should have access to the support they need to live with a smile.

My greatest dream would be to see my loved ones happy for the rest of their lives! My aspiration is that, as I explore the world for my own personal fulfillment, I can help those in need wherever I go.

Today, I can already be proud of the achievements I’ve made along the way. My experience in Quebec has had a positive impact, whether in my work, the people around me, the university initiatives and activities I’ve been lucky enough to take part in, or the friendships I’ve made. I’m happy to see that the young people in the Espace Pivot community have been able to enjoy new experiences and gain self-confidence. In short, helping to improve people’s lives is my daily source of pride!”

Claire Cerceau